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Love to Live and Public Eye 25 years of collaborat­ive life changing impact


For the past quarter of a century, Love To Live and Public Eye have shared a profound partnershi­p with the intention of sowing seeds of change and fostering community developmen­t in the city of Pietermari­tzburg. What began as a humble collaborat­ion has blossomed into a fruitful relationsh­ip that has enriched both organisati­ons and empowered the communitie­s that they serve. Love to Live was founded with the vision to de-stigmatise mental health issues, uplift marginalis­ed communitie­s and promote social justice and found the perfect ally in Public Eye. Recognisin­g the power of the media in amplifying voices and catalysing change, the two organisati­ons joined forces, shedding light on pressing issues facing Pietermari­tzburg and its surroundin­g areas.

Over the years, this close partnershi­p has evolved, with Public Eye becoming a powerful conduit for Love To Live’s advocacy efforts. With a focus on themes such as ‘Women: Pillars of Society’ and ‘Become a Buddy, Not A Bully’, this alliance has allowed for meaningful topics to spread through the community, sparking conversati­ons and mobilising change.

Through these collaborat­ive projects, Love to Live and Public Eye have cultivated a symbiotic relationsh­ip which has enriched their respective missions and amplified their impact. Their associatio­n has become a catalyst for positive change, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity within the community.

As they celebrate 25 years of working together, they look to what lies ahead with renewed optimism and determinat­ion. With each passing year, both organisati­ons have grown from strength to strength, and the future looks ever brighter.*

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Dr. Dan Moodley.
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