Katina P

Date April 1992


Lo­ca­tion: Ma­puto, Mozam­bique In terms of to­tal oil spilled the Katina P in­ci­dent was not a mas­sive one, but the neg­a­tive ef­fect on the Mozam­bi­can coast was sig­nif­i­cant. The cap­tain of the Greek- owned ship in­ten­tion­ally ran the ship aground and aban­doned ship just North of Ma­puto af­ter the ves­sel had been dam­aged in a storm. Two of the boat’s tanks had been cracked and leaked a sub­stan­tial amount of oil into the Mozam­bique Chan­nel. The Agul­has cur­rent spread the oil all over Ma­puto Bay, caus­ing dis­as­trous en­vi­ron­men­tal dam­age to lo­cal es­tu­ar­ies, and plant and an­i­mal life in the area.

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