Gulf War

Date Jan­uary 1991


Lo­ca­tion: Per­sian Gulf, Kuwait In­ter­est­ingly the worst oil spill in his­tory was not caused by a tanker ac­ci­dent or oil rig drilling ac­ci­dent; it was a cal­cu­lated act of war. Dur­ing the first Gulf War, in an at­tempt to pre­vent Amer­i­can troops from be­ing able to land on the coast, Iraqi forces opened the valves of the Sea Is­land oil ter­mi­nal in Kuwait and dumped more than 380 mil­lion gal­lons of oil into the Per­sian Gulf. The oil slick that was cre­ated was 10 cen­time­tres thick and cov­ered 6 500 square kilo­me­tres of ocean.

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