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There is no bet­ter way to en­joy a sun­set than with a glass of chenin in hand. One sip of this golden liq­uid and all of the stresses of the jour­ney seem to melt from your mem­ory. Flag­stone has re­cently re­leased two new wines to their col­lec­tion: the Trib­u­tary Chenin Blanc and the Truth Tree Pino­tage. These easy­drink­ing wines will make the per­fect ac­com­pa­ni­ment to any road trip. The Trib­u­tary Chenin Blanc is set apart by its zesty acid­ity and flo­ral char­ac­ter. With its fresh­ness, de­cent body, and aro­matic gen­eros­ity, the Trib­u­tary de­liv­ers enough ap­peal to at­tract fans of the grassier Sau­vi­gnon Blanc and the more but­tery Chardon­nay. The Truth Tree Pino­tage is bold and beau­ti­fully bal­anced, em­body­ing flavours of deep black­berry and cherry with hints of spicy oak and dark choco­late. Both these wines, as well as the rest of the Flag­stone range, can be pur­chased on­line from

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