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Kneel in­side a door­way, with your mid-back touch­ing the door­frame. The thigh of your kneel­ing leg should be ver­ti­cal and the shin of your op­po­site leg should also be ver­ti­cal. In this po­si­tion, you’ll have a small gap be­tween your lower back and the door­frame.

Now, tuck your tail­bone un­der so that the hol­low be­tween your lower back and the door­frame dis­ap­pears. To make this hap­pen, imag­ine your pelvis as a bowl of ce­real that you are try­ing to spill be­hind you. This move­ment is com­monly re­ferred to as pelvic tilt. Once you are in this po­si­tion, what do you feel?

If you feel a huge pull in front of the thigh, in­cor­po­rate the kneel­ing hip flexor stretch (below) into your weekly main­te­nance work.

If you feel noth­ing or just a gen­tle length­en­ing, there is no need to do any static stretches of the hip flex­ors. The Run­ning Rewired work­outs build in plenty of dy­namic mo­bil­ity move­ment to en­sure you use the hip mo­tion you do have.

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