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In­grid Schoe­man is liv­ing proof that hav­ing time on your side isn’t al­ways guar­an­teed; be­cause her life changed in an in­stant. The Pre­to­ria 32-year-old sur­vived trau­matic side ef­fects from the med­i­ca­tion she was given to treat dru­gre­sis­tant TB: liver fail­ure, a coma, and dam­age to the pe­riph­eral nerves in her feet.

She shared with RW the hon­est, raw and real truth about her hu­mil­i­at­ing loss of in­de­pen­dence; from vom­it­ing blood, to hav­ing nurses wash her be­cause she was too weak to even sit up or get out of bed.

Schoe­man left hos­pi­tal weigh­ing around 40kg, and the mus­cles on the tops of her feet were so weak, she couldn’t walk prop­erly.

But if there’s any­thing sur­viv­ing a phys­i­cal or­deal this ex­treme can show you, it’s what you’re ca­pa­ble of. For Schoe­man, the strength she gained over­com­ing the ef­fects of her TB med­i­ca­tion en­abled her to ac­cept help from her friends and fam­ily. Her fa­ther was a Com­rades fin­isher, and she be­lieved she could be­come a run­ner her­self.

Now, she runs half marathons, and long dis­tances on the trail, be­cause it gives her the sense of free­dom she longed for when she wanted to walk but couldn’t. She’s also an ad­vo­cate for the or­gan­i­sa­tion TB Proof.

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