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I need a lot of pro­tein in my train­ing. I crave it, and it keeps me full. The con­ve­nience and ver­sa­til­ity of the meat­balls are re­ally ap­peal­ing. You make a big batch, and have them around. My train­ing is like Ground­hog Day – it’s gru­elling, and it’s pretty much the same thing ev­ery day for three months. Hav­ing a good va­ri­ety of food op­tions that aren’t bland and bor­ing is re­ally im­por­tant to keep the taste buds happy. These are so ver­sa­tile – you can even throw them on sal­ads or in rice bowls.


Turkey pro­vides pro­tein that’s easy to di­gest, plus es­sen­tial vi­ta­mins and min­er­als for en­ergy pro­duc­tion. Many peo­ple think only fruits and veg­eta­bles pro­vide vi­ta­mins, but high­qual­ity meat is nu­tri­ent-dense. The cook­ing method also makes these a good choice for busy run­ners: Bak­ing them is quick, and you don’t have to brown them first and then con­stantly watch while they sim­mer.

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