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Sunset fun in bass heaven! An explosive battle produced this 4.6kg bucket-mouth on a spinnerbai­t. – Kaashif Essack


We were on a trip in Zimbabwe, fishing Ziri Dam. I told my Boet the morning of our last day, before heading back to ZA, we should “hit” the water and “pay” the one spesific bay a last visit. The plan was to get of the water at 10 o’clock, in order to start packing and head back to ZA. As it often is, we were in the moments of the “last cast”, and grinding away to pull the bunny out of the hat ! Only a minute or two before we were to start the outboard and head to shore I made a “monsterous” long distance spinnerbai­t cast next to a standing tree a mere six metres from a spawning bank. At first it felt as if I got stuck on a plastic bag filled with water, and then a tug of war erupted. The “lady”; halfway to the boat ;made one lazy attempt at throwing the spinnerbai­t, leaving my heart to miss a few beats, and my legs turning into jelly! Once landed, she pulled the scale to 11.29lbs (5.12kg). Thank you for a great magazine; very insightful – Jarques Herbst


I recently accepted an invite to join some friends on their boat and everyone else was getting into fish except me. Not long before calling it a day, I thought I might have been snagged up on some weeds but when the weeds started pulling back I set the hook and landed the biggest one of the day! I got this one on a 6cm Seboko fished on the edge of the reeds. The fish was released to fight another day. – Tarn Smith

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