SA Bass

The traditiona­l drop-shot rig

- >> Bennie Wiese*

Finesse fishing for me is all in the delivery of small baits on the lightest line you can get away with. It works in deep water and is not just for clear water but it will also work in dirty water too. I have learned and experience­d this over the years on the Vaal River where any skilled bass angler’s patience can be tested. There are days on the Vaal when only a small thin finesse worm will do the job, moving it slowly over the bottom. I believe that some of our dams get serious fishing pressure because anglers are getting themselves well-educated on the dams by using the latest in technology such as side image sonar. Because of this fishing pressure, the bass are reacting more unfavourab­ly to all pressure. So, anytime the angler can scale down and can get away with a lighter line, he will achieve a more natural action out of the bait. The best of all, you will get more bites and more fish. It will happen that you will get smaller fish, but just work the fish and area. I was fishing the Vaal River on a cold day in early July. I fished in a small area where I know there are always fish, even small, under sized fish. I got few small fish and then received a phone call. I did not move from the spot while taking the call, making cast after cast on the same spot. Suddenly the line just moved… I was fishing a four inch wacky type stickbait and I set the hook. All hell broke loose and when the bass was landed it weighed 2.8kg. What a nice fish for the Vaal that time of the year.

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