SA Bass

Fluorocarb­on line


Major technologi­cal advancemen­ts have been made in this section of the line isle. These lines can be extremely expensive even going up to few Rands per meter for the premium brands. A property of the fluorocarb­on is that it commonly has a much lower stretch element when compared to monofilame­nt. The density of the line is much higher than that of monofilame­nt meaning the line sinks much faster. It can also be noted that fluorocarb­on line, although several technologi­cal advancemen­ts has been made is fairly sensitive to abrasion. Line transparen­cy below the water can be very good and this definitely adds a positive element for this category. Fluorocarb­on is often quite stiff and due to this line memory on thicker diameters need to be considered.

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