SA Bass

Reaction baits


Cranks, jerk baits, and spinner baits are retrieved at higher speeds and the hooks on these baits are normally exposed. Ideally, reaction baits are thrown on a slightly more flexible rod. This is done to absorb the initial strike from the fish and allow time for fish to take a lure into its mouth. So in this case a bit of stretch from the line can be a benefit, as it does add to the shock absorption when using a reaction lure. So for reaction baits monofilame­nt should be your first and most common choice. But as with all fishing there is an exception, light diameter fluorocarb­on can be very useful on crankbaits, it will allow the bait a few extra feet of diving depth and added sensitivit­y can be very well applied in the hands of an experience­d fisherman. Please note; some thought must be given to the absorption properties of the rod used when using fluorocarb­on on cranks.

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