SA Bass

Soft plastic baits


For your soft plastics you typically need as much sensitivit­y as possible as this is key to detecting the bite. Also a solid hook set is required to enable the hook to rip out of the plastic, and lastly line visibility under the water does play a key role. So fluorocarb­on with its low stretch will provide a sensitive solution and the fact that the line sinks also makes it ideal if you want to throw weightless baits. A clear choice. However if fishing in very abrasive environmen­t with lots of rocks or especially hard vegetation it is worth considerin­g monofilame­nt. Fluorocarb­on very quickly develop scuff marks and in a pitching situation casting distance is normally quite short thus stretch plays a much reduced role and the abrasion resistance from the monofilame­nt will be a benefit. Often I hear anglers pitching braid into the trees to gain more strength. I strongly appeal to these anglers to try and use a thicker diameter monofilame­nt. Consider this, when braid is wrapped around a piece of wood once at a distance of 10m away the rough texture of the line will offer a lot of resistance and will be very hard to free up or get a fish out of that situation. Monofilame­nt however will slide more easily over structure enabling you to get out of a sticky situation. When pitching and punching into heavy grass and thick soft vegetation braid is an ideal option to use in this unique situation. Major visual constraint that is present when using braid has less of an influence and secondly the abrasive properties of braid will assist in cutting through the grass when removing a fish from the thick salad.

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