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Even after fishing grubs for over two decades, there are always new techniques coming to light when bass fishing. If you have just started bass fishing or have done some grubbing, I will share some interestin­g info, which will put a bass on the end of you

- >> Gordon Brown*

“Basic Grub Fishing” Even after fishing grubs for over two decades, there are always new techniques coming to light when bass fishing. – Gordon Brown

Right now some people may ask “what is a grub?” Well, a grub is a short, fat body, almost a cigar shaped plastic bait with a broad thin oversized tail. The thin tail designed for maximum flutter at minimum retrieval speeds. Grubs these days are more lifelike and resemble bait fish bass feed on, like kurper, bluegill, etc. with smoke, salt and pepper, Junebug, watermelon, green pumpkin, etc. colours and various coloured flakes.

A grub that has produced large numbers of good bass is the Damiki Mr Jumbo 4½”. Shoo ---! It is a well-kept secret for a good while! Although Damiki and other manufactur­ers make grubs from 1” to 6” in size the Mr. Jumbo is great for catching those keeper fish and bigger bass.

Texas rig

The first basic technique is a Texas rig. Slide a ¼ oz bullet weight up your line and tie on 4/0 wide gap hook on the line. The weight should slide freely. Using a 7ft rod and 12lb to 15lb line, cast the 4,5” grub out and let it fall to the bottom on a controlled slack line. In any technique always watch your line, often a fish will take your bait on the way down. Now work the bait back with hop/swim motion always keeping in contact with the bottom from time to time. This technique is most suited for fishing structure e.g. over rocks, lay-downs, stumps any solid cover or even along reed banks.

A Texas rig is also very good for pitching trees and heavy cover. For this technique, always put a rubber stopper ±50mm on the line above your sinker. This is to stop the sinker from sliding up your line when working the grub through the cover. When this happens, you will not detect all the bites.

Carolina rig

Another way is fishing the grub on a “Carolina rig.” This is done by placing a ¼, 3/8 or ½ oz ball sinker on your line, then tying on a small swivel and ±500 mm of line from the swivel to a 4/0 wide gap hook. The size of your weight will be determined by the depth of water you are fishing. The deeper the

water, the heavier the weight e.g. 15ft or more use a ½ oz sinker. This trace (±500 mm) I like to use 12lb line. This rig is very versatile as it can be pulled through structure as in the Texas method but is more suited for fishing open banks, points and drop-offs. The beauty of this method is one can cover a large area in a short space of time. When fishing grass or weed the some method is used by replacing the ball sinker and swivel with a #1, 2 or 3 Mojo sinker using rubber stoppers.

Weighted keel hook

The last rig I want to expand on is the weighted keel hook with a screw lock on the eye of the hook. To rig the grub, just turn the head of the grub into the little wire screw lock up to the eye of the hook. I prefer to end the grub with the tail facing down. This gives the bait more action when the grub is falling. These weighted hooks come in different weights for the same size hook. Try fishing different weights. I like a lighter weight 3/32 oz when fishing over vegetation or grass beds and a slightly heavier ⅛ oz when fishing deeper structure. You will see how natural this magnificen­t 4,5” grub swims as you fish this bait through grass etc. As mentioned before, grubs come in different sizes. Using a 2” or 3” grub is also very effective. When using smaller grubs, downsize your hook. This is when one can switch to a spinning tackle and use 8lb to 10lb line.

Finally, in clear water at this time of the year watermelon red or watermelon gold are excellent colours. In the more off coloured water green pumpkin or Junebug are a better choice. One colour that has had great success is “black magic mix.” Shoo ---!

The grub is a bait that can be fished all year round; at any time in a variety of structures. So the next time you are out basin, serve your fish a decadent Mr. Jumbo grub, using one of the above techniques and you will be satisfied to the full. *Gordon Brown is a multiple Protea bass angler and a regular SA Bass contributo­r.

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