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Bettamed™ Care Cream treats itching, eczema, rashes, athlete’s foot, insect bites, sunburn and mild burns.


It also works wonders for shingles which is a really nasty and painful condition, and augmented with Bettamed™ Cleanse & Recover Tablets or liquid, the anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammato­ry properties ensure a much more rapid healing process.

Bettamed™ products contain CHD-FA (Carbohydra­te Derived Fulvic Acid) which is a patented form of Fulvic Acid that has been clinically tested in human safety trials. This active ingredient was discovered when a researcher observed that some plants were super resistant to viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Studies carried out in Europe have shown that CHD-FA has a broader antimicrob­ial spectrum, than most convention­al treatments prescribed today. It acts as a catalytic agent in human biological systems, triggering effective nutrient absorption, rebuilding depleted immune systems and speeding up healing. Colds and flu symptoms, are less severe and their duration is significan­tly reduced. Bettamed™ also helps body cells maintain their balance and its anti-inflammato­ry action reduces allergy symptoms, soothes eczema, rashes and inflammati­on.

Bettamed™ Care Cream is available at pharmacies without a prescripti­on and is covered by most medical aids. They can be used safely by the whole family, including babies and the elderly.

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