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>> Spinner What?

He’s 25 years old and probably one of the most unpretenti­ous humans that I’ve ever had the opportunit­y and honour to meet. Born in Kansas, after which he moved to Missouri at a young age.

- >> John Badenhorst*

Brandon has always been a keen angler and hunter. He is the eldest son of a mom who works as a profession­al nurse and a father that does computer programmin­g. With younger fraternal twins as his siblings, there was never a shortage of company on his many young adventures.

After leaving school, he moved to Florida to pursue his dream of becoming involved in film making and production and spent two years studying film making. Then came the day that he was offered the gig as camera man for a saltwater fishing show and knowing his love of adventure, he jumped at the opportunit­y. This, he did for the next two years, filming and honing his skills as camera man and video editor. It just so happened that one of the guests on this particular saltwater fishing show happened to be upcoming bass angler, Scott Martin and soon enough, after a few sessions on the water together, Brandon and Scott became friends.

One day, out of the blue, Scott called him up and offered him the gig for Scott Martin Production­s which is affiliated to American Broadcaste­r NBC. A total profession­al and being passionate about the sport, it was the right move at the time and although the job will never make him rich, it does afford him the opportunit­y to meet interestin­g people from around the world. It also takes him to new and exciting places and destinatio­ns and experience­s the fishing world that some anglers only dream about, all the while filming the adventures.

During the recent 13th World Black Bass Championsh­ip held on the Vaal River and hosted by South Africa, I had the opportunit­y to sit this rather quiet young man down for a quick and exclusive interview between rather busy schedules and got some insight into Brandon as a person, angler and formidable camera man.

A typical day would start anywhere from 3am to 4am with a cup of coffee and sorting out cameras, batteries and all the technical gear needed for a shoot. The next step is getting to the location and getting there could be a quick drive or in some cases could involve an 18 hour road trip. On these occasions, Scott would fly ahead while Brandon drives the Trokar Battle Wagon and Ranger boat across the country. Schedules are tight and in many cases, Brandon would arrive at the destinatio­n, grab a quick couple of hours of sleep and soon be out on the water, filming the next episode of The Scott Martin Challenge. At the end of the filming, it’s a matter of grabbing a few hours sleep and then heading back on the long journey home again. Amongst all of this, Brandon has to ensure that there is constant and fresh content to upload for viewers. When working close to home, the best part of the evenings are spent editing footage for YouTube.

The secret to having a very successful YouTube channel or so called Vlog is to keep viewers interested by uploading new content on a daily basis and where time and editing allows, to post as much as possible. As we’ve seen recently, the Scott Martin YouTube channel has also been doing more live streams via the internet and this has engaged incredible viewer participat­ion.

Some know him as Brandon, for most of us, he is known as Spinnerwor­m. This name was given to him by Scott one day out on the water. The two of them were busy fishing and being pretty new to bass fishing, Brandon rigged up a white spinnerbai­t and found a discarded Senko lying on the deck of the boat, he threaded this on the hook and two casts later, caught the biggest fish of the day! A fan from the USA even designed a special Spinnerwor­m T-shirt and sent it to him as a gift. Since then, he has taken part in more challenges and has spent a bit more time on camera than behind the camera.

Since starting to work with Scott, Brandon has been a part of the Martin family and household and has become rather well known in his own right with a steadily growing following on YouTube. A very quiet, down to earth kind of guy, he was taken by surprise when on their visit to South Africa, members of the public came up to him, asking for his autograph and he even blushed a few times.

Quiet, with a dry sense of humour and an all-round nice guy to work with, Spinnerwor­m is making his own mark as video editor and outstandin­g camera man and angler in his own right.

 ??  ?? For most of us he is known as Spinnerwor­m
For most of us he is known as Spinnerwor­m

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