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For an avid bass fisherman, one always has his go-to lures that he or she rigs up first when they arrive at any body of water depending on weather and water conditions. When a new lure comes on to the market there are often times of hesitation before actu

- >> Luke Coetzer*

"Going Batty” For an avid bass fisherman, one always has his go-to lures that he or she rigs up first when they arrive at any body of water depending on weather and water conditions – Luke Coetzer

Iam one of those people who has his go-to lures and often hesitate when putting a new lure in my arsenal box, until I came across the Savage Gear 3D Bat which changed my whole topwater game from the first cast.

The lure has a realistic look to it, combined with the most realistic swimming action from any topwater lure I have ever used. I was so excited to throw this lure that as soon as I had it, no less than 15 minutes later I was next to the water rigging up and ready to test.

The lure’s weight is perfect, enabling the angler to cast far with no over runs, to doing a small pendulum swing and landing it on target smoothly.

Rigged up and ready to go, I cast my 3D Savage Bat lure in and started my slow retrieve. The action the lure was giving off was one of distressfu­l swimming and not even a couple of reel turns into my retrieval, this bass barrels along and smashes my lure so hard that the it breaches out the water, making it one of the most aggressive takes I have seen in a long time.

Cast for cast I was on a fish each time. Then I took some time to play around with the retrieval of the lure. I found that the best method of retrieval was as follows… I would cast in, twitch my lure five times causing some disruption on the water then leave it for ten seconds then reel five strokes and pause again and I would follow this sequence till fully retrieved. Usually after the first twitch and reel, I would be hooked up.

The versatilit­y of movements the lure provides and the colours it comes in make it an awesome top water lure to throw. Needless to say this is now one of my first lures I will cast when arriving at any body of water. Designed in Europe last year, this bait is also the winner of many internatio­nal awards and now available from all good tackle stores locally. Originally designed to catch pike, sander and salmon, this lure has carved a road into the realm of bass fishing around the world. I suppose the whole magnet around the range from Savage Gear is the fact that the lures catch fish and have probably the most life-like appearance amongst so many other topwater lures available. Most of the bass in our water have seen the majority of lures in some form or another and here, the lure is something new and it looks very natural too. It’s that time of the year again where the late afternoons scream for some surface action and I can’t wait to get out there and throw my bat again. Go Batty and grab one, cast it out and hold on.

*Luke Coetzer is a pro staff member of Deeper Sonar in South Africa. He is also a keen finesse, bass and fly fishing angler.

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