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A Tough Bite


On days one and two, pros weighed in 44 limits – 11.46 percent of possible limits. That’s poor, but far better than the 2001 championsh­ip, which was held on Pickwick. In that tournament, only four limits – 1.26 percent of the possible limits – were weighed in the first two days. The second worst limit percentage in the championsh­ip also occurred at Pickwick in 2005, when 19 limits were weighed in two days for a 4.75-percent limit catch. The 2017 championsh­ip ranks as the sixth toughest in terms of percentage of possible limits caught during the qualifying rounds.

The regular-season Costa FLW Series event held in May 1999 on Kentucky Lake saw only 24 limits – 7.41 percent of possible limits – weighed in the first two days, which is the lowest rate in history on the Kentucky/Barkley system in a Costa event. The 2017 championsh­ip had the second lowest percentage.

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