SA Bass

Line choice


Without trying to get too technical for the casual weekend angler; line choice actually does make a difference. Because there are floating, suspending and sinking varieties of jerkbaits it would make sense to match the lure with the line that you are planning to use. Monofilame­nt line is suitable for floating and suspending lures, whereas fluorocarb­on (which sinks) is suited to the sinking variety. This ultimately complement­s the action of the lure. Furthermor­e, the flexibilit­y of the line plays a huge role. Just because the lure has many hooks doesn’t mean that the fish won’t shake itself loose – in fact they come off easier than when using a single hook! Lighter breaking strain line offers more flexibilit­y and tends not to tear the hooks from the fishes mouth. This is often the reason for losing fish hooked on a jerkbait. As a general rule I would select line of around 6 to 8lb breaking strain will suite your smaller (6 to 8cm) jerkbaits, while line of 8 to 10lb will be better suited to larger (10cm plus) jerkbaits.

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