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About SA BASS magazine:


SA BASS, which is editoriall­y and financiall­y independen­t, is a monthly magazine catering exclusivel­y for the bass angling community in Southern Africa. SA BASS is distribute­d country-wide by RNA to outlets, not only in South Africa, but also in Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana.

SA BASS is designed as a specialist bass fishing publicatio­n and has catered for a well-defined niche market since April 2001. It enjoys the support and endorsemen­t of non-government organisati­ons, but is not affiliated in any way to these bodies or to any other publishing, environmen­tal or political interest group.

Our mission is to promote bass angling as a socially acceptable and popular outdoor recreation­al activity, and in addition, to encourage acceptable angling ethics. As such, SA BASS provides pertinent informatio­n on a wide range of subjects. These include providing a platform for informed debate on issues affecting the sport of bass angling, providing informatio­n on bass angling strategies and techniques, bass angling waters and opportunit­ies, and also creating awareness of new products.

Within this editorial mix, due considerat­ion is given to developing the sport among all the country’s people (including the youth), and to the practical conservati­on of the country’s natural resources.

Copyright is expressly reserved and nothing may be reproduced in part or whole without the permission of the publisher. All enquiries regarding editorial correspond­ence, manuscript­s and photograph­s should be directed to:

Address contributi­ons to the editor. Manuscript­s, photos and artwork will be handled with care, but their safety cannot be guaranteed. Enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope with all editorial submission­s.

The publisher and editorial staff are not responsibl­e for researchin­g and investigat­ing the accuracy or copy right of the material provided for publicatio­n in SA BASS magazine. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this magazine, the publisher does not accept responsibi­lity for omissions or errors or their consequenc­es. Readers are advised to use this informatio­n with the understand­ing that it is at their own risk. The views expressed in this magazine are not necessaril­y those of the publisher, the editor, editorial staff or SA BASS Society.

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