SA Bass

Lure Considerat­ions


When trying to decipher where fish are in a rising or high-water situation, several specific lures can aid in the process.

When fishing the old shoreline, football jigs, swinghead jigs and Carolina rigs are fantastic choices for dragging around on bottom. It’s also wise to keep a lure or two on the deck for targeting fish suspended in trees or bushes around the old shoreline. Wackyrigge­d Yamamoto Senkos and swimbaits should fill the bill for this.

However, when it’s time to move up into the flooded cover to look around, typical flipping baits such as jigs, tubes and creatures are obvious choices. In addition, Mark Rose says topwaters – especially buzzbaits and frogs – are critical for probing flooded cover.

“Fish that move up in that stuff really like to suspend right up in the top layer of the water column, in the middle of bushes, around floating debris, and near vines and junk hanging in the water,” Rose offers. “So be prepared with something you can skim the surface with. Also, a spinnerbai­t is still a solid pick in those conditions.”

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