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EFTTA and the European Anglers Alliance (EAA) have welcomed a resolution adopted by the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee which further recognises the importance of recreation­al fishing within communitie­s in the region and its major contributi­on to the economy.

The Fisheries Committee has requested that the European Commission evaluates the role of angling when considerin­g the Common Fisheries Policy CFP) so that both types of maritime fishing – commercial and recreation – can be managed in a ‘balanced, fair and sustainabl­e’ manner.

The resolution, a non-legislativ­e binding report entitled ‘State of play of the recreation­al fisheries in the European Union’ was drafted by MEP, Norica Nicolai, the Chair of the EFTTA and EAA-backed Forum on Recreation­al Fisheries and Aquatic Environmen­t.

The report was adopted at a meeting in Brussels last week and it is hoped that it will be approved by plenary vote in June.

“This is yet another important step towards a muchneeded full recognitio­n by the European institutio­ns of the recreation­al fisheries sector and its importance to people, communitie­s and the economy, including the implementa­tion of the eco-system-based fisheries management approach and ‘best-use’ of the society’s wild fish resource,” says EFTTA and the EAA.

Both groups contribute­d to the preparatio­n of the report and organised a conference earlier this year in the European Parliament to discuss its findings. The meeting was attended by several MEP’s and representa­tives of the European Commission and Member States.

During the debate, EFTTA and the EAA reiterated the need to include the recreation­al fishing sector in the CFP on an equal footing with the two other major fisheries stakeholde­rs, commercial fishing and aquacultur­e, when discussing the CFP and the management of sustainabl­e fish stocks.

EFFTA and the EAA both welcomed the report’s call for more and better catch and socio-economic data on a regular basis to get a clearer picture of catches by anglers and its socio-economic importance and trends.

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 ??  ?? EFTTA CEO, Jean-Claude Bel (right) at the meeting in Brussels
EFTTA CEO, Jean-Claude Bel (right) at the meeting in Brussels

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