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Hayabusa Spin Muscle


The Hayabusa Spin Muscle Wacky Hook is designed to enhance the action of wacky rigged baits while also improving hooking and landing rates.

The hook’s sharp V-bend tightly secures a soft plastic worm and allows the rod’s action to transmit directly to the bait, says the 60-yearold manufactur­er.

The Spin Muscle’s design also allows hooking power to travel directly to the hook point for solid hook-sets and the semi-twisted hook point locks into the fish’s mouth upon penetratio­n.

The Japanese-made hook comes with or without a weed guard and is available in multiple sizes. It has a bait holder and is specially elongated from point to hook eye.

The hook is endorsed by FLW angler, Kurt Dove. “It’s kind of a secret but a lot of people are using it,” says Dove. “It is great for finesse type presentati­on. It will embed in a fish’s jaw further than traditiona­l round bend hooks on a lot of presentati­ons.”

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