Hayabusa Spin Mus­cle

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The Hayabusa Spin Mus­cle Wacky Hook is de­signed to en­hance the ac­tion of wacky rigged baits while also im­prov­ing hook­ing and land­ing rates.

The hook’s sharp V-bend tightly se­cures a soft plas­tic worm and al­lows the rod’s ac­tion to trans­mit di­rectly to the bait, says the 60-yearold man­u­fac­turer.

The Spin Mus­cle’s de­sign also al­lows hook­ing power to travel di­rectly to the hook point for solid hook-sets and the semi-twisted hook point locks into the fish’s mouth upon pen­e­tra­tion.

The Ja­panese-made hook comes with or with­out a weed guard and is avail­able in mul­ti­ple sizes. It has a bait holder and is spe­cially elon­gated from point to hook eye.

The hook is en­dorsed by FLW angler, Kurt Dove. “It’s kind of a se­cret but a lot of peo­ple are us­ing it,” says Dove. “It is great for fi­nesse type pre­sen­ta­tion. It will em­bed in a fish’s jaw fur­ther than tra­di­tional round bend hooks on a lot of pre­sen­ta­tions.”

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