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Is your line strength match­ing the struc­ture you are fish­ing? Hook size in pro­por­tion to the bait. Too of­ten the hook is too small. One does not get a good hook set and an­other big fish is lost. Hook thick­ness also to be matched to line size. Us­ing a light wire hook on heavy line will straighten or open up on a solid strike. When us­ing hard baits with tre­ble hooks, make sure they are of good qual­ity. You may even want to up size the hooks for a bet­ter hook set when tar­get­ing big­ger fish. Boat po­si­tion. If you are fish­ing a brush pile or heavy struc­ture, po­si­tion the boat, so that when you cast and hook a fish, you can pull the fish out of the struc­ture. Rather than pulling the fish in and over the struc­ture. Us­ing the right lure or tech­nique for the area or struc­ture you are fish­ing e.g. one would nor­mally use a Texas rig with a pegged sinker in a brush pile, than a light drop-shot rig. An­other big mis­take an­glers make is not us­ing the right rod. Match­ing the rod stiff­ness (ac­tion) to the line strength. Most worm fish­ing needs a medium / heavy to heavy ac­tion rod. If the rod is too soft, one won’t get a good hook set and an­other big fish is lost.

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