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The wooden ammo boxes ma­de by Ru­di and Li­zel­le Louw of Sa­sol­burg are by now well kno­wn to ma­ny of our re­a­ders. The Louws star­ted ma­king and mar­ke­ting the­se boxes a­bout two y­e­ars ago and sin­ce then Dovetail Wooden Boxes ha­ve be­co­me very po­pu­lar with ma­ny lo­cal shoo­t­ers and hun­ters. E­ach box holds 50 car­trid­ges. Up until re­cent­ly the boxes we­re a­vai­la­ble in sa­lig­na wood on­ly. The­se wit­hout en­gra­ving sell for R470 a box. En­gra­ving adds a­bout R40 per tem­pla­te. Boxes can be per­so­na­li­zed – choo­se w­ha­te­ver you want as a lo­go, etc. Cou­rier cost is R100.

Tho­se who want so­mething a litt­le mo­re exo­tic can now or­der their Dovetail Wooden Boxes in ce­dar wood. The ce­dar wood boxes re­al­ly look clas­sy and the dis­tincti­ve scent of the wood is very ple­a­sant. At R600 (wit­hout en­gra­ving) the ce­dar wood boxes are mo­re ex­pen­si­ve but they do look good!

Dovetail Wooden Boxes are well ma­de, pro­tect car­trid­ges ef­fi­cient­ly and al­so keep ammo cool­er than tho­se kept in a plas­tic box. W­hen a proud new o­w­ner who boug­ht a Dovetail Wooden Box at this y­e­ar’s Hun­tEx was as­ked why he boug­ht it, he re­p­lied: “I lo­ve wooden t­hings, plas­tic is so vul­gar.”

The­se beau­ti­ful wooden ammo boxes will last for ma­ny, ma­ny y­e­ars. The­se are qua­li­ty pro­ducts and SA JAGTER/HUN­TER highly re­com­mend them. * For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on or to or­der Dovetail Wooden Boxes con­tact Li­zel­le on 083-257-4041.

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