DILLON S­QUA­RE DEAL B Ty­pe of pro­duct: Re­lo­a­ding Ma­chi­ne

SA Jagter Hunter - - JAGSTORIE -

The Dillon S­qua­re Deal B (SDB) is a pro­gres­si­ve re­lo­a­ding ma­chi­ne ca­pa­ble of lo­a­ding around 400 rounds an hour. Its s­mall foot­print, unique dies and short stro­ke me­an t­hat the SDB can lo­ad the most po­pu­lar hand­gun ca­li­bres (9mm, .38 Spl, .44 Mag, etc.) ho­we­ver it can­not lo­ad rifle ca­li­bres. The SDB is i­de­al for re­cre­a­ti­o­nal shoo­t­ers who lo­ad around 500 rounds a month. Li­ke all blue ma­chi­nes, the SDB is co­ve­r­ed by Dillon’s le­gen­da­ry li­fe­ti­me war­ran­ty. Shoot­ing Stuff, a fac­to­ry aut­ho­ri­sed ser­vi­ce cen­t­re, is e­quip­ped with spa­res on hand to sup­port all Dillon re­lo­a­ding e­quip­ment.

P­RI­CE: R9 400 for the ba­sic sy­stem (il­lus­tra­ted with op­ti­o­nal acces­so­ries) A­vai­la­ble at Shoot­ing Stuff, Cen­tu­ri­on. Con­tact Ben or Fud­ge via e­mail at in­fo@shoot­ing­stuff.co.za or call 012-654-3346.

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