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The rifle in .404 Jef­fe­ry pic­tu­red he­re was com­mis­si­o­ned by Mr R S­mith, a P­re­to­ri­a­ba­sed bu­si­nes­sman to com­me­mo­ra­te his dad who was an e­lep­hant hunter.

Mr S­mith re­mem­be­red how his la­te dad had of­ten tra­vel­led from the old R­ho­de­sia, w­he­re they li­ved, to go kam­bako hun­ting in Mo­zam­bi­que. Kam­bako is the term u­sed by the Por­tu­gue­se for a big bull e­lep­hant.

Da­nie Jou­bert from P­re­to­ria and his te­am of ta­len­ted crafts­men we­re cho­sen to re­a­li­se Mr S­mith’s dre­am.

The rifle was built on a DWM Mau­ser acti­on to which a Tru­velo bar­rel was fit­ted. Af­ter the bar­rel was pro­fi­led, Da­nie fit­ted a full-length rib with a ple­a­sing profile. The sco­pe mounts are so­mething spe­ci­al, they are quick-de­ta­cha­ble and ma­de in the Hol­land & Hol­land s­ty­le. A cu­stom magazine box was ma­chi­ned that can hold four of the .404 car­trid­ges.

On com­ple­ti­on, the me­tal­work was sent to Faan de Vos, a well-kno­wn stock ma­ker from P­re­to­ria. He u­sed a beau­ti­ful pie­ce of Tur­kish wal­nut to craft a stock that fits the cu­s­to­mer to per­fecti­on. With the stock work do­ne the me­tal­work was sent to Jo­na­than Knoe­sen, a young and very ta­len­ted en­gra­ver, to work his spe­ci­al ma­gic on the me­tal.

An i­ma­ge of Kam­bako, an e­lep­hant bull that on­ce was part of the so-cal­led Mag­ni­fi­cent Se­ven in the Kru­ger Na­ti­o­nal Park, was en­gra­ved on the magazine cover/floor pla­te. The rest of the rifle was tas­te­ful­ly en­gra­ved with fi­ne scrolls and gold in­lays.

The grip-cap was en­gra­ved with the S­mith fa­mi­ly crest and the words “IN THE MEMORY OF MY FATHER IVORY HUNTER 1937”.

Fi­nal­ly, the me­tal­work was po­lis­hed to a high sheen and gun-blu­ed to accen­tu­a­te the en­gra­ving. T­his is tru­ly a mag­ni­fi­cent rifle and de­fi­ni­te­ly one of the most beau­ti­ful rifles Da­nie Jou­bert and his te­am ha­ve e­ver cre­a­ted.

The rifle is fit­ted with a Leu­pold 1-4x20 sco­pe. A ball and claw-ty­pe bolt-hand­le with a world map on the bolt-knob is a spe­ci­al “tou­ch of class”.

T­his beau­ti­ful .404 Jef­fe­ry was built on a Mau­ser acti­on. No­te the full-length rib and the spe­ci­al Hol­land & Hol­land-ty­pe te­les­co­pe mounts.

Jo­na­than Knoe­sen ex­pert­ly en­gra­ved the floor­pla­te (left) and the grip cap.

LEFT: Da­nie Jou­bert ai­ming the one of a kind .404 Jef­fe­ry. ABOVE: His na­me, in gold in­lay, ap­pears on the bar­rel of the rifle.

ABOVE: No­ti­ce the spe­ci­al H&H si­de-mounts.

Da­nie fit­ted ex­press-ty­pe re­ar sig­hts to the Mau­ser.

Beau­ti­ful scroll en­gra­ving a­dorns the front­sig­ht-ramp.

Scroll en­gra­ving at the muz­z­le – all do­ne by Jo­na­than Knoe­sen.

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