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SA Jagter Hunter - - INHOUD -

The Quad Sticks by Ru­dolph Op­ti­cs s is ta­king the hun­ting mar­ket by storm. T­he­se s­hoot­ing sticks al­low hun­ters to pull off accu­ra­te shots at lon n­ger ran­ges than be­fo­re un­der field cond di­ti­ons. Quad Sticks are ad­jus­ta­ble and can be u­sed from the stan­ding, kneel ing and sit­ting po­si­ti­on. You can us se them as a nor­mal bi­pod or split the em front to back to al­low two points s of con­tact on your rifle or cross­bow w. The two re­sts or an­chor points fo or the rifle mi­ni­mi­se the ho­ri­zon­tal “shakes”s or mo­vement and re­sult t in bet­ter s­hoot­ing at ex­ten­ded ran nges. W­hen u­sed pro­per­ly the Qu uad Sticks are al­most as so­lid as a bench.

P­RI­CE: T­he­se han­dyh s­hoot­ing sticks re­tail for a­bout R1 300.

It is a­vai­la­ble at le­a­ding gun shops coun­try­wi­de.

For mo­re in­for rma­ti­on vi­sit ru­dolp­hop­ti­cs. .com

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