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Pan­go­lins ( ie­ter­ma­gog in A­fri­kaans) are the most mys­ti­cal and be­wit­ching cre­a­tu­res. Being the on­ly mam­mals co­ve­r­ed in hard ke­ra­ti­nous o­ver­lap­ping sca­les, t­he­se ra­re a­ni­mals ha­ve on­ly been sig­h­ted in their na­tu­ral ha­bi­tat by the very for­tu­na­te few – of­ten a fleet­ing glimp­se at da­wn or dusk but ne­vert­he­less a sig­hting and an ex­pe­rien­ce of a li­fe­ti­me. Being shy, pre­do­mi­nant­ly noc­tur­nal, so­li­ta­ry, ter­ri­to­ri­al and qui­et, they are one of the very ra­rest sig­htings a­nyo­ne can ha­ve.

T­his beau­ti­ful cof­fee ta­ble book con­sis­ts of stun­ning images that cap­tu­re A­fri­ca’s pan­go­lins in a mo­ment in ti­me and is an re­flecti­on on the beau­ty of t­he­se cre­a­tu­res. In t­his, the first book of its kind, ta­len­ted pho­to­grap­hers ha­ve do­na­ted pho­tos that we­re ta­ken w­hen they we­re for­tu­na­te e­nough to en­coun­ter t­he­se a­ni­mals in their na­tu­ral en­vi­ron­ment. T­his re­sul­ted in a very spe­ci­al pu­bli­ca­ti­on that would com­ple­ment any wild­li­fe and na­tu­re lo­ver’s li­bra­ry.

The pu­bli­ca­ti­on sho­w­ca­ses the beau­ty as well as the plig­ht of A­fri­can pan­go­lins and, in so doing, cre­a­tes gre­a­ter a­wa­re­ness of a litt­le kno­wn, ra­re­ly seen and un­der­stu­died group of spec­ta­cu­lar mam­mals. The book is due to be a­vai­la­ble on World Pangolin Day in Fe­bru­a­ry 2019. All of the nett pro­ceeds rai­sed from the sa­le of the book will go to The A­fri­can Pangolin Wor­king Group. The funds will be u­sed in pro­jects de­a­ling with the tre­at­ment and re­ha­bi­li­ta­ti­on of pan­go­lins res­cu­ed from the il­le­gal wild­li­fe tra­de. * For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on ple­a­se vi­sit www.pan­go­ or @pan­go­ on Instagram. Wit­hout posta­ge the book will cost R595 in South A­fri­ca. You can pla­ce your or­der on­li­ne or con­tact Lisa Fan­ton on 082600-1789/ [email protected]­go­

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