Sarie - - Nulaid -

Ser­ves 8 – 10 In­gre­dients:

180 g but­ter or mar­ga­ri­ne 375 ml (11/ cups) Hu­letts Whi­te Su­gar 2 2 extra lar­ge eggs 5 ml (1 t) va­nil­la es­sen­ce 5 ml (1 t) salt 10 ml (2 t) red gel co­lou­ring - mix with 30 ml (2 T) wa­ter 30 ml (2 T) co­coa po­w­der, sif­ted 625 ml (21/ cups) ca­ke w­he­at flour 2 15 ml (3 t) baking po­w­der 250 ml (1 cup) buttermilk


1 tin black cher­ries 60 ml (4 T) Hu­letts Sun­sweet Bro­wn Su­gar 45 ml (3 T) corn flour

To Assemble:

500 ml (2 cups) fresh cre­am, whip until thick 125 ml ( 1/ cup) dark cho­co­la­te shavings 2 12 fresh cher­ries if a­vai­la­ble


1. P­re­he­at the o­ven to 180 °C. Gre­a­se 2 x 20 cm ca­ke tins. 2. Be­at the but­ter and whi­te su­gar to­get­her until lig­ht and cre­a­my. 3. Add the eggs and be­at well. 4. Add the va­nil­la es­sen­ce, salt, red co­lou­ring mixed with the wa­ter and co­coa po­w­der and mix well. 5. Sift the flour and baking po­w­der to­get­her. 6. Fold half the sif­ted flour in­to the egg mix­tu­re. Add the buttermilk and mix in. Fold in the re­mai­ning flour. 7. Di­vi­de the mix­tu­re be­t­ween the 2 ca­ke tins, pla­cing 2/ in one 5 tin and 3/ in the ot­her. 5 8. Ba­ke for 20 – 25 mi­nu­tes or until a ca­ke ske­wer is in­ser­ted

and co­mes out cle­an. 9. Le­a­ve to cool, then trim off the roun­ded tops of the cakes. 10. Ca­re­ful­ly cut the thin­ner ca­ke in half to gi­ve 2 round dis­cs, and cut the ot­her ca­ke in­to 3 round dis­cs. Ma­king 5 round dis­cs in to­tal.


1. Drain the cher­ries, and pla­ce the jui­ce in a small sau­ce­pan with the bro­wn su­gar and corn flour. 2. Pla­ce the sau­ce­pan o­ver me­di­um he­at and s­tir until the mix­tu­re thic­kens. 3. Set a­si­de to cool. 4. Hal­ve the cher­ries and re­mo­ve the pips.

To Assemble:

1. Trim one of the round dis­cs of the ca­ke to fit in­to the ba­se of a clear glass bo­wl. 2. S­pre­ad 1/ of the cher­ry filling o­ver the ca­ke round disc. 4 3. Pla­ce 1/ of the hal­ved cher­ries on top of the ca­ke round 4 disc, and s­pre­ad 1/ of the cre­am ca­re­ful­ly o­ver the cher­ries. 6 4. Pla­ce in the ref­ri­ge­ra­tor for 10 mi­nu­tes and then pla­ce a­not­her trim­med round disc of ca­ke on top. 5. Re­pe­at the pro­cess, en­ding with the 5th round disc. 6. Pla­ce the re­mai­ning 2/ of whip­ped cre­am in a pi­ping bag 6 and pi­pe stars o­ver the top of the trifle. 7. Fi­nish with the cho­co­la­te shavings and fresh cher­ries.

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