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South A­fri­ca’s food di­ver­si­ty is mouth-wa­te­ring. Tru­ly one of the coun­try’s many bles­sings.

At SARIE, food is a­bout the in­spi­ra­ti­on of a mil­li­on tas­tes and a­ro­mas, the co­ming to­get­her of much-loved recipes and new cu­li­na­ry i­de­as, and tho­se mo­ments of sharing around the din­ner table.

Hen­ce the launch of our stan­da­lo­ne food ma­ga­zi­ne, SARIE KOS, mo­re than a de­ca­de ago. It was an in­stant winner and un­der the e­di­tors­hip of our pre­vi­ous food e­di­tor, Bar­ba­ra Jou­bert, and cur­rent food e­di­tor, Herman Len­sing, the a­wards pi­led up as the ma­ga­zi­ne es­ta­blis­hed it­self as one of the most-re­ad and de­fi­ni­ti­ve food ma­ga­zi­nes in SA.

Let’s agree on this: A­fri­kaans food has a certain ring to it! It’s in­dul­gent, com­for­ting, rich in tas­te, fil­led with nos­tal­gia, all a­bout com­mu­ni­ty and con­ver­sa­ti­on. Think bobotie, to­ma­to bre­die, malva pudding, roast lamb and po­ta­toes, wa­ter­blom­me­tjie­bre­die and be­skuit with your e­ar­ly mor­ning coffee. So­me call it her­i­ta­ge food, ot­hers call it boe­re­kos – we sim­ply call it lek­ker A­fri­kaans food. And it’s en­joying a mo­ment in the spot­lig­ht.

SARIE Lek­ker! ce­le­bra­tes mo­re than 60 need-to-try recipes com­pi­led from the very best of SARIE KOS and SARIE’S food pa­ges. A­gainst the back­drop of world-class food pho­to­grap­hy and sty­ling, this is a true tas­te of South A­fri­ca.

It’s especially for you, our English-spea­king re­a­der, as well as for South A­fri­ca’s many food ent­hu­si­as­ts who ha­ve never pic­ked up an A­fri­kaans food ma­ga­zi­ne be­fo­re.

Send out the in­vi­tes! You and your loved on­es are in for a treat!

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