Whi­te cho­co­la­te cremora tart

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Makes 1 tart

• 1 x 10 g sa­chet ge­la­ti­ne • 30 ml wa­ter • 1 x 200 g pac­ket co­co­nut bis­cuits • 100 g (110 ml) but­ter, mel­ted • 1 x 500 g pac­ket Cremora • 250 ml ice wa­ter • 2 x 385 g tins con­den­sed milk • 250 ml le­mon jui­ce • 5 ml va­nil­la es­sen­ce • 1 x 100 g slab whi­te cho­co­la­te, mel­ted • 200 g ras­p­ber­ries • i­cing su­gar

Sprin­kle the ge­la­ti­ne on the wa­ter and set a­si­de until it spon­ges. Pro­cess the bis­cuits on high speed in a food pro­ces­sor until fi­ne­ly crum­bed. Add the but­ter and mix until it forms a moist mix­tu­re. S­pray a round 30 cm loo­se-bot­to­med ca­ke pan with non­stick food s­pray. Li­ne the pan with the moist crumb mix­tu­re. Set a­si­de. Mix the Cremora with the ice wa­ter and pla­ce in the bo­wl of an e­lec­tric mixer. Add the con­den­sed milk and be­at on high speed until the mix­tu­re is thick and cre­a­my (5–8 mi­nu­tes). With the mixer still run­ning, gra­du­al­ly add the le­mon jui­ce and con­ti­nue be­a­ting until thick and cre­a­my on­ce mo­re. Add the es­sen­ce and whi­te cho­co­la­te. Melt the spon­ged ge­la­ti­ne in the mi­cro­wa­ve o­ven for a few se­conds and add to the cre­a­my mix­tu­re. Mix well. Spoon the mix­tu­re in­to the pre­pa­red pan and ref­ri­ge­ra­te for 2–3 hours. Re­mo­ve the ring of the pan and trans­fer the tart to a ser­ving plat­ter. Roll the ras­p­ber­ries in i­cing su­gar and pi­le on top of the tart.


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