Lei­poldt’s to­ma­to bre­die

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Ser­ves 4–6

• 1,2 kg ri­pe, fresh to­ma­toes

• 500 g lamb rib­be­tjie, cut off the bo­ne

• 700 g short lamb shanks

• flour to co­at the meat

• a­bout 50 ml sun­flo­wer oil

• 6 small pickling on­i­ons, quar­te­red

• 2 ml ground gin­ger

• 3 car­da­mom pods

• 5 ml coriander seeds

• 6 w­ho­le pep­per­corns

• 7 ml fen­nel seeds

• 7ml dried thy­me

• 3 clo­ves gar­lic

• salt and freshly ground black pep­per to tas­te

• 15 ml chut­ney

• 150 ml whi­te wi­ne

He­at the o­ven to 160 °C. Skin the to­ma­toes and then quar­ter them. Cut the rib­be­tjie in­to pie­ces of a­bout 4 cm in length. Co­at the rib­be­tjie and lamb shanks with flour. S­ha­ke off the ex­cess flour. He­at the sun­flo­wer oil in a lar­ge sto­vetop-to-o­ven cas­se­ro­le. Fry the rib­be­tjie and lamb shanks until ni­ce­ly bro­w­ned. Re­mo­ve the meat from the sau­ce­pan and set a­si­de. Pla­ce the quar­te­red on­i­ons in the sa­me cas­se­ro­le and fry for 5–10 mi­nu­tes until ni­ce­ly bro­w­ned. Re­turn the meat to the cas­se­ro­le. U­sing a mortar and pest­le, crush the gin­ger, car­da­mom, coriander, pep­per­corns, fen­nel, thy­me and gar­lic to­get­her to make a pas­te. Add to the meat and mix well. Add the to­ma­toes and se­a­son with salt and pep­per. Co­ver the cas­se­ro­le with the lid and ba­ke in the o­ven for 3–3½ hours. C­heck e­very now and then to make su­re it doe­sn’t cook dry. (If it starts look­ing dry, add a litt­le wa­ter.) Add the chut­ney and wi­ne and ba­ke for a­not­her 30 mi­nu­tes or so, un­co­ve­r­ed.

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