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THESE RUS­KS REMAIN ONE OF OUR FAVOURITES Makes a­bout 32 rus­ks • 500 g (540 ml) but­ter, mel­ted • 500 ml buttermilk • 2 eggs • 1 kg w­ho­le­w­he­at self-rai­sing flour • 15 ml baking po­w­der • 375 ml soft bro­wn su­gar • 375 ml mues­li • 250 ml o­ats • 250 ml fi­ne de­sic­ca­ted co­co­nut • 125 ml sun­flo­wer seeds He­at o­ven to 180 °C. Mix the but­ter, buttermilk and eggs until smooth in a me­di­um-si­zed bo­wl. Pla­ce the flour, baking po­w­der, su­gar, mues­li, o­ats and co­co­nut in a lar­ge bo­wl and mix to­get­her. Add the sun­flo­wer seeds and buttermilk mix­tu­re and mix until it forms a dough. Li­ne an o­ven pan of 27 x 36 cm with baking pa­per. Pla­ce the dough in the pan and flat­ten out with your fin­ger­tips. U­sing a sharp kni­fe, mark out the rus­ks in the raw dough – you can de­ci­de how lar­ge or small you want them to be. Ba­ke for 35–40 mi­nu­tes or until gol­den bro­wn and cook­ed through. Al­low to cool s­lig­ht­ly and then turn out of the pan. He­at o­ven to 80 °C. Cut the rus­ks in­to pie­ces u­sing the mar­kings you made pre­vi­ous­ly. Li­ne a lar­ge baking tray with baking pa­per and pla­ce a wi­re rack on top. Ar­ran­ge the rus­ks on the rack and pla­ce in the o­ven for 3–4 hours or until dried out.

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