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OX­TAIL IS VERY RICH. TRY TO GET LAR­GE PIE­CES OF OX­TAIL, AS THESE PIE­CES CONTAIN THE MOST MEAT. THE PIE­CES SHOULD PRE­FE­RA­BLY NOT BE TOO FAT­TY. Ser­ves 6–8 • 1,5 kg ox­tail • ca­ke flour for co­a­ting meat • 40 ml o­li­ve oil • 1 on­i­on, fi­ne­ly chop­ped • 2 clo­ves gar­lic, fi­ne­ly chop­ped • 2 car­rots, di­ced • 1 lar­ge stalk ce­le­ry, di­ced • 1 x 400 g tin chop­ped to­ma­toes • 500 ml red wi­ne • 250 ml boi­ling wa­ter • salt and freshly ground black

pep­per • 2 bay le­a­ves • 1 pac­ket (800 g) squa­re sheets of puff pa­stry (4 sheets of 200 g e­ach) • 1 egg, be­a­ten He­at o­ven to 180 °C. Roll the pie­ces of ox­tail in flour. S­ha­ke off ex­cess flour. He­at the o­li­ve oil in a lar­ge sto­vetop­to-o­ven cas­se­ro­le. Fry the ox­tail in ba­t­ches until ni­ce­ly bro­w­ned. Re­mo­ve the meat from the cas­se­ro­le and set a­si­de. Fry the on­i­on, gar­lic, car­rots and ce­le­ry in the sa­me cas­se­ro­le until soft. Re­turn the ox­tail to the cas­se­ro­le. Add the to­ma­toes, red wi­ne and boi­ling wa­ter. Se­a­son with salt and pep­per and add the bay le­a­ves. S­tir through. Co­ver the cas­se­ro­le and ba­ke the meat mix­tu­re for 3 hours, ad­ding mo­re wa­ter if ne­ces­sa­ry. Re­mo­ve from the o­ven and al­low to cool com­ple­te­ly – pre­fe­ra­bly o­ver­nig­ht – in the frid­ge. He­at o­ven to 200 °C. When the meat mix­tu­re is cold, re­mo­ve all the bo­nes and ex­cess fat that has con­ge­a­led on the sur­fa­ce. Shred the meat. Use two of the squa­re sheets of pa­stry to li­ne a 26 cm loo­se-bot­to­med pie dish. Make su­re that so­me of the pa­stry hangs o­ver the si­des of the dish. Spoon in the filling. Brush the rim of the pa­stry with be­a­ten egg. Pla­ce a­not­her squa­re sheet of pa­stry on top and p­ress tig­ht­ly a­gainst the rim to se­al the ed­ges of the pa­stry. Brush the pa­stry with be­a­ten egg. Make a small ho­le in the cen­t­re of the pie. Take any pa­stry of­f­cuts and shape in­to a long strip, then curl it around the ho­le. U­sing a cook­ie cut­ter, cut ci­r­cles of dif­fe­rent si­zes from the re­mai­ning sheet of pa­stry. Ar­ran­ge on top of the pie and brush with be­a­ten egg. Pla­ce in a hot o­ven and ba­ke for 45–60 mi­nu­tes. The pa­stry should be gol­den bro­wn and cris­py. Ser­ve hot.

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