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Summer of love livens up our screens


THIS summer things are hotting up on TV screens around the country, with a variety of dating shows that have audience religiousl­y tuned in. From people who lost faith in finding love because of a physical affliction to 30 girls battling it out for a dream date, each episode will leave you wanting more.

We’ve compiled a list of dating shows that are airing and worth a watch.

When to watch: Msanzi Magic, Sundays at 6pm

A singleton dines with three families, without meeting their potential dates until the very end of the episode, when the “chosen” person is then revealed to the suitor.

Since its debut, the show has been a hit, both with viewers and contestant­s, with many couples ending up in steady relationsh­ips afterwards.

 ??  ?? Date My Family
Date My Family
 ??  ?? Too Ugly for Love?
Too Ugly for Love?

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