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Ex-pilot soars through new career offering delicious recipes


ACCOMPLISH­ED entreprene­ur and Boeing 737 pilot Chantel Manning’s passion for food has lingered throughout her career, often experiment­ing in the kitchen with dinner party guests, her guinea pigs for new tastes and flavours. Manning’s career spans more than two decades with a successful stint in the fashion and in the financial services industries and more than a decade of flight. She flew for the UN in Afghanista­n and Iraq after cutting her pilot’s teeth on contracts in Africa. In 2015 the Flying Cook became a reality as an insert on Mix 93.8FM with soaring popularity. In fact, her Flying Cook concept will be reprinted in the Saturday Star, as well as select editions of Independen­t Newspapers from this month. Her passion for food underpins a recent decision to swap pilot’s epaulettes for an apron, full time, and focus on life’s myriad flavours. Her first recipe is below.

Easy recipes for busy people

I have chosen an easy recipe that can be made as a special meal for Valentine’s Day.

This easy recipe allows lots of time for a romantic evening with your loved one.

Green Thai Curry

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