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Service, food, price count in eatery’s favour

- Village View Shopping Centre, Bedfordvie­w 011 455 1000

garnished with lots of fresh avocado. When Ashford was warned about her being allergic to garlic, he went to speak to the chef and came back assuring her they would be using a separate pan to cook her chops, which were cooked medium-well done as she ordered, with their fatty layer crisped to perfection.

For the mains I ordered the queen prawns which were a good size and came with generous portions of fresh, lightly-creamed spinach, pumpkin and rice with a separate garlic butter sauce – at a very reasonable R135.

To end off there was a wide selection of desserts. We opted to share the crème brûlée amarula for R55, which was very tasty with a crisp layer of burned sugar.

A manager overheard us talking about the desserts and, although we were really full, he insisted we try the bar one, vanilla essence-mixed pudding on a chocolate sauce base – a dream for desert lovers.

Being famous for its meat dishes, Turn ‘n Tender has a whole range of biltong starters including their “very own” sliced biltong, biltong carpaccio which is dressed with gran padano cheese shavings, rocket and oil at R78, grilled biltong marinated in a “unique” Turn ‘n Tender sauce for R50, biltong pâté for R52 or a biltong board with biltong, biltong carpaccio, marinated and grilled biltong, biltong pâté and dry wors at R199.

The Aaron brothers Mervyn, Steven, Howard and Brian opened the first branch in 1977 in Greenside. @annacox

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