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Hawks say O’Sullivan lying


ORGANISED crime unit The Hawks have labelled Paul O’Sullivan a “liar” following claims by the private forensic investigat­or that his home was raided yesterday.

“It’s a lie, it is all rubbish,” Hawks spokespers­on Hangwani Mulaudzi told the Saturday Star last night.

It’s been alleged that police officials raided the forensic investigat­or’s Sandton home yesterday afternoon.

Speaking to News24, O’Sullivan said the doorbell rang at his house in Sandton at 4.15pm. He said when he opened it, there was a female metro police of ficer who asked to be let in.

O’Sullivan said the woman said she needed informatio­n on his vehicle, which was apparently involved in a hit and run two weeks ago. He said he told her he sold it about a year ago.

O’Sullivan said he had a bad feeling about the situation, got into his car and drove away. He said as he left, he saw a convoy of unmarked vehicles coming toward his house.

He said the cars tried to block him off but he drove away.

O’Sullivan also said his lawyer Sarah Jane Trent had been arrested for allegedly impersonat­ing an Ipid officer and had been taken to the Cullinan police station.

It’s understood the Hawks have been building a case against O’Sullivan for some time now on various charges.

News of the alleged raid comes in the wake of several cases opened by O’Sullivan against police generals.

The Hawks have been investigat­ing the forensic consultant for some time and this week it emerged that a so-called special project was being run by the police and several private investigat­ors to bring him down.

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