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How to let your love flower


might fade, cyclamen is the plant to present to your loved one to convince them of your enduring affections.

The tuberous nature of the cyclamen plant allows it to withstand difficult conditions. It grows naturally in Turkey’s mountainou­s regions, and can withstand icy temperatur­es, even flowering under the snow.

It does best in a cool room, but with good light. It is a rewarding patio plant or courtyard plant too, especially when shown off en masse. Keep the soil moist but don’t over-water as it rots easily.

always evokes a sense of serenity, peace and happiness; and what better sentiments could one wish the recipient, especially if the offering is made in friendship rather than romantic love.

Keep the pot indoors in bright light (it can even take some sunshine) and when it is finished flowering, plant it out in the garden.

Make a point of rubbing its leaves every time you walk past it and enjoy the lovely fragrance or put a sprig of leaves under your pillow to perfume your dreams.

The soil can dry out moderately between watering. Cut back after flowering to encourage new blooms. Garden plants need full sun.

lends itself to romantic declaratio­ns because of its heart-shaped flowers and leaves, and not surprising­ly its symbolic meaning is “simply irresistib­le”. What better compliment to receive on Valentine’s Day.

Plants grow best in a warm spot with bright filtered light, but no direct sunshine, such as in north-facing living areas or bedrooms. The ideal indoor temperatur­e is between 18 C and 24 C. Water when the soil feels moderately dry – once or twice a week in summer and less in winter.

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