Saturday Star

Alice Spenser-Higgs


N VALENTINE’S Day, flowers usually get to do the talking and what you offer your loved one speaks volumes, especially if they are adept at reading between the lines.

Here is an update on the language of flowers for this year.

are the traditiona­l declaratio­n of love, and no other colour will do; but pay attention to the shade of red.

A bright, red rose expresses romantic love, while a dark red rose epitomises courage and longing. Burgundy, likewise, means love still has to be realised and reddish brown denotes a sense of completene­ss.

OTo increase the vase life of your red roses, fill a vase with hot water from the tap (not scalding) because the hot water drives the air-bubbles out of the stem of the roses, especially if they have been out of water for some time.

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