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Khumalo on a mission to inspire with new podcast


SARAY Khumalo had to overcome many obstacles and alter her mindset before she became the first black African woman to summit Mount Everest.

In a bid to inspire her fellow South Africans in the midst of the global health crisis, the award-winning mountainee­r has launched her podcast, Because It’s There.

These digital audio recordings are in partnershi­p with fibre provider Vuma as part of their commitment to drive important conversati­ons, bring communitie­s together, and create opportunit­ies for greatness.

Because It’s There was named for pioneering mountainee­r George Mallory, who made the statement in reply to the question of why he climbed Mount Everest.

Through a series of episodes, Khumalo and her guests aim to inspire.

“The podcast series will deliver a wide range of insights into the strange and wonderful thing of being alive,” Khumalo told The Saturday Star this week.

“From the dynamics of organisati­onal leadership to understand­ing your personal dream scape, to how to literally climb to the highest point on Earth, Because It’s There is designed to enlighten and entertain all types of listeners.”

During the pandemic, it has become the norm for content creators to move their material online, with podcasts being a popular medium of entertainm­ent during the lockdown.

“This podcast series uses life and lessons from the mountain to remind us that we are all leaders and extraordin­ary. It’s also a way to reach out to the young and older generation­s with inspiratio­nal messages that remind us all that we are capable of the imaginable and are natural leaders the world needs today,

“Because It’s There is for the office manager and the receptioni­st. It’s for the high performing actress, the aspirant poet and the entreprene­ur,” she said.

Khumalo is not afraid to get personal during her podcast and believes that her over 20 years experience in corporate South Africa as well as her involvemen­t in internatio­nal projects have equipped her for this digital venture.

“The mountains, on the other hand, with my four Everest attempts, have opened my eyes to what we are capable of.”

Kumalo says her children have also changed the way she sees and lives her life ,and she would like to share the lessons she learnt from motherhood with her listeners, too.

“As a mother, I still find it a blessing how the little ones continue to inspire me every day and be a blessing on both the good days and not so great days.”

While Khumalo’s personal anecdotes and insights are shared on her podcast, it also includes conversati­ons with leaders from all walks of life on the continent and abroad, including those in the business and sporting worlds.

“I speak to those who have succeeded in spite of their circumstan­ces or environmen­t, and all who believe in making the impossible possible because they can.”

Ultimately, Khumalo hopes Because It’s There can help change the mindset for our generation and the narrative for the next generation of Africans.

“It’s important that we work hard to ensure that the next generation of Africans are not second-class citizens in this global village, and a reminder that we are all leaders and all have a role to play in making our world a better place.”

The Because It’s There podcast can be streamed or downloaded at www. saraykhuma­

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