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Natural skincare that mimics plastic surgery


NATURAL skincare techniques claim to have you looking as “snatched” as someone who went under the knife.

From fox eye lifts to filler that makes cheekbones pop, minimally invasive surgeries are on the rise in 2021, flooding social media feeds with pictures of celebs and influencer­s who have re-appeared from brief hiatuses with new and improved faces.

For those who took their work home for the greater part of the last year and a bit, “Zoom face” is the phenomenon that’s emerged during lockdown and is said to be caused by the countless hours spent staring into video cameras, resulting in more people pondering getting corrective surgeries to fix these new insecuriti­es.

On the other hand, with the pandemic raging on, cosmetic surgery isn’t necessaril­y on the top of the average person’s to-do list due to the hefty cost.

This is where “skinimalis­m” comes in. This new beauty trend is pushing the focus from harsh products, airbrushed complexion­s and caked on make-up to embracing skin that is glowing, natural, perfectly imperfect.

Here’s everything you need to know about this raw beauty trend. Natural skincare

Face masks are an undeniably luxurious aspect of self care that allows the body and mind to rest while your skin passively absorbs the benefits of what the mask has to offer. According to Pinterest, one of the trending search terms is “aloe vera face mask”. It’s said to be moisturisi­ng, with anti-inflammato­ry qualities, the ability to help reduce blemishes and a host of other benefits.

Face yoga

Facial yoga is a non invasive way to achieve a natural facelift. Focussed on relaxing and toning muscles, it helps relieve built up tension you probably didn’t even realise you were carrying around. Through light exercise and massage you can workout the 57 muscles that function throughout your face.

Gua sha

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese medicinal practice traditiona­lly used for healing muscles and fascia beneath the skin. It involves using a smooth, dull tool with an edge to scrape away at the skin following specific patterns. From jade to rose quartz, special gua sha tools are being produced. From double chins to eye lifts and cheekbones hidden under puffy skin, the massage tool is said to increase blood flow and circulatio­n as well as energise the muscles.

Facial rollers

Celebs like Alicia Keys and Kim Kardashian swear by crystal face rollers, typically made from jade or rose quartz.

Working as a massage tool, the face rollers can be used alone or together with a skincare routine to promote the absorption of products.


The technique involves affixing glass or rubber-like cups to the skin via suction created by fire or a vacuum. These cups then allegedly draw stagnant blood from deep within the muscle tissue to the surface of the skin so “toxins” can be filtered out.

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Facial rollers

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