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Furniture designer Tim Harris talks about stylish declutteri­ng


“A LITTLE simplifica­tion would be the first step toward rational living, I think.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

Our daily lives are filled with noise and clutter, the constant stream of stimulatio­n from electronic screens, the deafening sounds from the everyday hubbub and the virtual screams of social media.

Our homes have become anything but a sanctuary, especially because we continue to surround ourselves with even more stuff. We find ourselves living in cluttered chaos.

During lockdown, people spent more time indoors, forced to live in their homes with little to no escape. We had to take a long hard look at our living spaces.

We soon realised that most of the stuff we surround ourselves with doesn’t add value. Instead, it brings disharmony to our mental and physical well-being.

Research from the University of California reveals that clutter produces high levels of the stress hormone cortisol which causes anxiety and depression.

This has encouraged a movement towards a more minimalist­ic approach to our personal spaces.

Declutteri­ng is a way of bringing order back to homes.

“Declutteri­ng is not only good for mind and body, it can also help maximise your living space,” says Tim Harris, the founder of TimHarris Design, a design-focussed, creative studio offering bespoke solutions in the discipline­s of spatial, furniture and graphic design.

Tim Harris Design is run by Tim and Lauren Harris.

The team explain their style and inspiratio­n and offer tips on how to simplify your living space.

What inspires your design? Simplicity. Functional­ity. Clean lines. Sustainabl­e materials. Not linked to trends, making each piece timeless.

Tips on how to use the different design elements?

The emphasis on the modular system is versatilit­y and beauty. This means there are many ways to use items such as shelves and rails.

Don’t overload a space. Use it as a showcase of your style, minimally.

The benefit of this type of design is that it’s simple to install, beautiful and personal. You can see what you have at a glance so it’s easy to grab and go.

 ??  ?? THE benefits of modular design.
| Daniel Rutland Manners
THE benefits of modular design. | Daniel Rutland Manners
 ??  ?? TIM HARRIS Design is run by Tim and Lauren Harris.
TIM HARRIS Design is run by Tim and Lauren Harris.

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