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1485 an­chors at the present day Walvis Bay, and calls it Golfo de Santa Maria da Con­ceiçao. 1895 At the Bat­tle at Amba Alag, Ethiopian emperor Mene­lik II routs Ital­ian forces.

1906 Bri­tain threat­ens to in­ter­vene in the Congo be­cause of Bel­gian and Ger­man atroc­i­ties.

1914 Gen­eral Chris­ti­aan Bey­ers, one of the lead­ers of the re­bel­lious Bo­ers, drowns.

1941 Ja­panese forces in­vade Shang­hai, Malaya, Thai­land, Hong Kong, the Philip­pines, and the Dutch East Indies. The at­tacks hap­pen at the same time as the as­sault on Pearl Har­bour, but is recorded as a day later be­cause of the In­ter­na­tional Date Line.

1980 For­mer Bea­tle John Len­non is mur­dered by Mark David Chap­man in New York City.

1987 Oc­cu­pied Pales­tini­ans start “in­tifada” (up­ris­ing) against Is­rael. 1991 The Soviet Union is dis­solved, re­placed by the Com­mon­wealth of In­de­pen­dent States.

1998 Tad­jena mas­sacre sees 81 peo­ple killed by armed groups in Al­ge­ria.

1998 Pet­ri­fied skele­ton of a

3.5 mil­lion-year-old ho­minid found in the Sterk­fontein Caves near Krugers­dorp. This is seen as the big­gest ar­chae­o­log­i­cal dis­cov­ery of the cen­tury.

2010 Spacex be­comes the first pri­vate com­pany to suc­cess­fully launch, or­bit and re­cover a space­craft. | The His­to­rian

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