Savour the sweet­ness

4 You’ve seen these fruits. Here’s what to do with them

Saturday Star - - L I F E S T Y L E FO OD - CASEY SEIDENBERG

GRO­CERY shop­ping with my chil­dren can be a game of dodge­ball as they try to sneak in things I prefer not to buy, but on a re­cent trip to the gro­cery store, my sec­ond-grader picked up a dragon fruit and asked me what it was.

Af­ter I an­swered, she reached for a litchi, then a per­sim­mon, then ex­am­ined sev­eral other fruits that seemed to be hud­dled at the back of the pro­duce sec­tion.

In­stead of say­ing no to her re­quest, as I might have if su­gary ce­real or cho­co­late dough­nuts were her ask, I bought one of sev­eral of­ten­over­looked fruits and brought them home as an ex­per­i­ment.

I knew what to do with a per­sim­mon, as I have sliced them on a cheese plate and mashed them for baby food. We have blended dragon fruit into our smooth­ies, and star fruit is al­ways a hit be­cause the shape is so ap­peal­ing to kids. Yet I have to ad­mit, the litchi and the ki­wano melon were go­ing to nudge me right out of my com­fort zone.

My daugh­ter and I stud­ied each of these kid-friendly fruits, delv­ing into their unique flavours, their un­ex­pected us­ages and their un­de­ni­able nu­tri­tion. Later that night, she played a game with her teenage broth­ers, ask­ing them to match each quirky-look­ing fruit to its fun facts. They never would have played that game with me, but they gen­er­ously in­dulged her, and our ex­per­i­ment went down as a win.

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