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If to­day is your birth­day:

You can start some­thing new and give up what holds you back. This new year see your­self in a new light, with a new nar­ra­tive, some­thing you can achieve. Don’t give up you can def­i­nitely see where you are go­ing, what you can fore­see.

Aries (21 March-20 April)

You have to make it work. All you need is the de­sire to get what you as­pire to. This is the way it will be if you can as­sert your­self and ac­quire the best pos­si­ble out­comes. You are al­ways first, this week no ex­cep­tion.

Taurus (21 April-21 May)

All your ef­forts have con­trib­uted to the shape that you’re in. This week you can build on what you started, to get to the fi­nal goal. Your des­ti­na­tion is within sight. Best to aim to be ac­knowl­edged and re­spected, it’s the way you roll.

Gemini (22 May-21 June)

You’ve been run­ning to stand still, time to break out and re-de­fine your path. All you can de­pend on is your­self, so see to it you are go­ing with the flow, not against. Make your at­ti­tude: “I don’t care.”

Cancer (22 June-23 July)

Wel­come to a new day, it’s all sys­tems go, you will be able to run all the way to the end. All you need is to imag­ine pos­i­tive re­sults and they will come. It all de­pends of a mood of “can do”.

Leo (24 July-23 Au­gust)

You al­ways say ro­man­tic ges­tures are the way to im­press, this week you have that sen­ti­men­tal feel­ing. Pur­sue that one great love, and fol­low your heart. It’s all about you and what you say to get that love you al­ways wanted.

Virgo (24 Au­gust-23 Septem­ber)

Your aim needs to be clear and you need to fol­low through with what is you started. It’s all about get­ting what you de­serve, this week you are on the re­ceiv­ing end and not the one who does all the work.

Libra (24 Septem­ber-23 Oc­to­ber)

Things have changed don’t chase wild dreams. In­stead it is a good time to be re­al­is­tic about what you’re ca­pa­ble of. It’s not so bad, you will be the one who can get what you al­ways wanted, just not be­ing in the clouds.

Scor­pio (24 Oc­to­ber-22 Novem­ber)

You need to be able to em­brace new en­coun­ters, not held be back in what once was. Now is when you are seek­ing and finding not los­ing touch. Break the scale and get more than you ever wanted. It is af­ter­all your story.

Sagit­tar­ius (23 Novem­ber-21 De­cem­ber)

To a uni­verse you choose, just maybe all and more is pos­si­ble. Some­body to hold, the love to see you through. You’ve got what it takes don’t doubt. The things you love are all within touch­ing dis­tance. Try not be­ing in the air.

Capri­corn (22 De­cem­ber-20 Jan­uary)

Your cur­rent am­bi­tions are all in the realm of the pos­si­ble. Noth­ing is too dif­fi­cult, you are on the way to re­al­is­ing your worth. Just re­mem­ber your friends and those who got you where you are. Don’t look away, your chal­lenge is ahead.

Aquar­ius (21 Jan­uary-19 Fe­bru­ary)

This week you have lived your best life and more. Look­ing for the words to say how you feel, don’t for­get to be au­then­tic. You can won­der what the world holds for you, it has prom­ise of bet­ter days.

Pisces (20 Fe­bru­ary-20 March)

Time to break free. You can be the one who is able to look ahead to greater things. Don’t be in­tim­i­dated, you can be su­per con­fi­dent. The best is yet to come, make the de­ci­sion to be all about you and your goals.

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