We must dis­arm hate to en­sure peace

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HURT­FUL racial re­marks and un­speak­able acts of racism con­tin­ued through­out 2018.

Any acts of racism must be con­demned by all South Africans.

It is tragic and sad that peo­ple across the coun­try thrive on racial and re­li­gious ha­tred.

We must re­mem­ber that those who at­tack oth­ers be­cause of their race do not just at­tack that race, they at­tack all of hu­man­ity.

Their racial slurs are slurs against all peo­ple. We must never try to match hate with hate.

We need to teach those who hate that our sup­port for the uni­ver­sal truths of hu­man equal­ity and lib­erty, and our re­spect for the dig­nity of hu­man­ity is greater and larger than hate.

Hate is colour-blind, racism is colour-blind. We must con­sis­tently re­ject hate, we must con­sis­tently re­ject any form of racism, be­cause hate and racism con­sis­tently re­jects hu­man­ity.

Like can­cer, if unchecked, it will con­sume the body which nur­tures and car­ries it.

Ul­ti­mately hate is both de­struc­tive and self-de­struc­tive. Hate in­evitably leads to self-hate. The 20th cen­tury was awash with the blood of ha­tred.

Ha­tred leads to war. We must dis­arm ha­tred to as­sure peace.

De­nun­ci­a­tion of ha­tred is an act of pa­tri­o­tism. Re­main­ing si­lent un­der­mines ev­ery­one’s free­dom and en­dan­gers hu­man­ity.

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