SA owes it­self to get smarter and bet­ter

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I GREW up in Jo­han­nes­burg and was al­ways con­cerned with the state of af­fairs that came to rule and di­vide the coun­try. I won­dered why all the black peo­ple lived in Soweto. I wanted to go there and look. It was so close and yet so far. The di­vide seemed ab­so­lute in many ways.

In around 1990, I met Thomas and I would visit him in Diep­kloof. I found it amaz­ing that peo­ple were so friendly, and that I could walk around openly with­out any threat of vi­o­lence. In fact, they loved to see a white face in the town­ships. I used to visit my other friend Henry who was in Soshun­guve, and I found it equally as friendly.

Fast for­ward to 2018, and I won­der if the coun­try has lost its course. It is un­der­stand­able that com­mu­nism seems an at­trac­tive op­tion to many. If you have noth­ing well, hell, it looks great. You can get all those things you wanted and there would be more eq­uity. South Africa has to go for­ward and it has to get richer, more cre­ative and smarter. The race card can­not be pulled out ev­ery time there is a prob­lem. The coun­try owes it to it­self to get smarter and bet­ter.

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