Vote for govern­ment you want, vote wisely


THIS year was ush­ered in by vi­o­lent protests across the globe. Ex­treme wealth and ab­ject poverty will de­fine the po­lit­i­cal tra­jec­tory the world will fol­low. South Africans go to the polls in the most piv­otal elec­tion in the history of our trou­bled and di­vided na­tion 25 years after democ­racy was born and free­dom was at­tained.

South Africa is a sick so­ci­ety, morally and eth­i­cally bank­rupt.

We have de­stroyed the legacy of Nel­son Man­dela, in­sulted the mem­ory of John Dube, des­e­crated the sac­ri­fices of Oliver Tambo, mu­ti­lated the ded­i­ca­tion of Al­bert Luthuli, nul­li­fied the dreams of Go­van Mbeki and shat­tered the ideals of Win­nie Man­dela.

This year will change the course of our history. Vote wisely or you will get the govern­ment you de­serve.

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