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A Note from the Editor

- Charlotte Rogers @TCBMedia | @charlottel­ucyrogers

Innovation is something that I think South Africa is very good at. Businesses here are consistent­ly looking for ways to better their offerings and give their customers that extra something.

I wanted to reflect on the impressive innovation­s that I’ve seen over the last 12-months and encourage you to give them a try!

Checkers Sixty60

Possibly my favourite thing ever, the new Checkers app allows you to order goods and have them delivered to your doorstep within 60 minutes. Honestly, what a marvel. I love the service. I love the app. I love the delivery drivers they are so friendly! One of the best features is the option to add a second choice if your item is out of stock.

You can also select “I don’t want an alternativ­e”, and if that item is not in stock, they simply won’t send it, and that amount will be refunded.

Live Safaris from Tau

During SA’s initial lockdown, Tau Game Lodge came up with a brilliant idea – live, virtual safaris. Their rangers still went out on drives and live-streamed what they saw straight to their website for all safarilove­rs to enjoy. It was such an amazing way to keep the public in touch with the wilderness that we all love so much. It was hard to feel trapped at home when I could watch the wildlife of Madikwe Game Reserve roam freely and happily.

Bake at Home Boxes

I’m sure businesses all over SA also joined the home-delivery movement, but Knead and Bentleys Bread Co were my saviours. The bread boxes from Knead and the bake-at-home chocolate chip cookies from Bentleys Bread Co were pretty much the reason that I survived with my mental health relatively in-tact.

Online Doctor’s Appointmen­ts

If you’d have said to be a year ago that I’d be describing my medical conditions to my doctor via Skype, I would say that you’d been drinking Witblits for a little too long. Now, it feels completely logical. Why would I want to risk getting COVID when my doctor could diagnose me from afar. No more waiting rooms, no more small talk with people who are full of a cold, and no more unnecessar­y excursions.

I’d also like to take a second to profusely thank the healthcare profession­als and frontline workers who have carried us through this pandemic. I am in complete awe of your profession­alism, dedication and unwavering determinat­ion to get our nation through this exceptiona­lly challengin­g time. I am proud to be South African, and it’s because of every single one of you.

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